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#112 Coppertox
(Multiple PBR Producing Bull)
High 217T Gun Blast
#23 Boo Hoo
ABBI 10009709 Multiple - PBR Producing Cow
Dam to 404 I AM A GANSTER (PBR World Finals Bull
X423 Krime Of Passion
(Multiple PBR Producing Cow)
World Finals Bull and contender for Bull of the year
007 Yippy High Yea
ABBI 10005505
Multiple - PBR Producing Bulls
027 Pistol Kat
ABBI 10005501
Multiple - PBR Producing Cow

Where do you start with this bull... He is built right. Bred right. His pedigree is jam packed with some of the most elite females in the business. Not only are these females producing PBR bulls but World Finals bulls and bulls that have been in the running for Bull Of The Year on the Built Ford Tough Series. 404 I AM A GANGSTER - Was a PBR World Finals bull and contender for bull of the year. 404 - Has also produced many elite bucking bulls. 850 I AM A GANGSTER TOO - He is also a PBR World Finals bull and contender for bull of the year. 007 Yippy High Yea - Is a bull that Flying High Rodeo has built there herd on. He has been a superior producer of great bulls.

X423 Krime Of Passion has also produced PBR bulls I'm A Thug and I'm A Hustler.


Here is a video of I'm A Gangster Too

Video by PBR 

Here is a video of I'm a Gangster

Video by PBR  

#653 Bottle Drive

 #653 Bottle Drive
(PBR World Finals Producing Bull)
"Pound The Alarm" Top 15 Bulls at the World Finals in 2013 Trendon - PBR World Finals Bull

Double Jeopardy
(PBR Producing Bull)
PBR World Finals Bull - "Tarantino" was out of a Double Jeopardy cow
Braithwaite Breeding N/A

# 653 Bottle Drive is a big fancy paint bull. That comes with great proven producing genetics backing him, and also a whole lot of attitude! He is a son of "DOUBLE JEOPARDY" who has produced many great PBR bulls. His daughters have also produced great bulls, one of them being the PBR World Finals Bull "TARANTINO".

Bottle Drive is a full brother to "MASTER FEEDS SHOWSTOPPER'S" mother, who was a great bull that went to the PBR World Finals and was later sold down in the U.S. #653 Bottle Drive - was used as a clean up bull at the Wild Hogs ranch breeding only 3 cows of those cows (They all produced!).

That year Bottle Drive produced two PBR Superstars that both went to the PBR World Finals "TRENDON" and "POUND THE ALARM" - He was bull of the event many times, Bull of the year, Bull of the PBR Canadian Finals and at the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas was in the Championship round. "POUND THE ALARM" was one of the top 15 bulls in the world that year. He has gone on to make a name for himself on the Built Ford Tough Series. The 3rd calf that year was a heifer and she produces. Watch her calf buck below! We can't wait to see what these calves can do for our program!

Bottle Drive calves will arrive in 2016!


Here is a video of Pound The Alarm (PBR)

Video by PBR 

Here is a video of Trendon (PBR)

Video by Ted Stovin (  

Photo by Andy Watson

SURE SHOT - # 54S (ABBI: 10042107)

SURE SHOT - # 54S (ABBI: 10042107) Best Shot
(ABBI: 10011967)
Houdini 329
(ABBI: 10001769)
DCBC Wanda K23
(ABBI: 10002313)
Page 302-496
(ABBI: 10034772)
Hotel California
(ABBI: 10005182)

Diamond S 2
(ABBI: 10024601)

We are excited to add this proven bull to our program.  This bull was raised by D & H Cattle company (The Pages). He is a proven bucking bull with a 90.91% buckoff percentage. He bucked on the Built Ford Tough Series. He is in the top 100 in Probullstats Power Rating. This bull still is quick on his feet and comes with an attitude. His first calves will arrive in 2015. 

Check out the breeding behind this proven bucker! He is a son of #88 Best Shot (ABBI#10011967) Best Shot has 29 sons with Pro Bull Stats. Best Shot is a PBR Finals Bull, NFR Finals Bull and a PBR Top 500 Bull. On the Bottom Side Sure Shot is out of a hotel California daughter. Hotel California had a 92.86% buckoff percentage. He was a PBR Finals Bull, Pro Bull Stats Top 100 and BFTS 45+.

Contact us for offspring or semen.

K Rose Ranch owns 54S Sure Shot with Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls



ROCK ISLAND LINE - # 106 Jim Jimminy
Z12 Jiminy Cricket
614 Braithwaite
Devils Roost
#14 Cow

We have added this PBR bull to our breeding program. There are many reason we have chosen this PBR Rank bull. This bull was bucked in all the big PBR events including the Canadian PBR Finals as well as the Calgary Stampede. They have been 92pts. on this proven PBR bull. Rock Island Line bucked for many years never having a bad trip, this is what you want in a breeding bull longevity as well as consistency. He has the bloodlines as well (Z12 Jimminy Cricket PBR & NFR Finals Bull, Jim Jimminy PCB Bull of the year and his mother (#614) she is a 3/4 sister to PBR World Finals #404 Gun Powder and Lead. All of these bulls have been 90 PLUS many times... if they were rode! The best thing about this bull is he is a producer. His calves buck! We will have semen for sale on this bull please inquire.

Contact Us - Offspring For Sale

Photo by Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

Video by PBR  

Video by PBR  

404 I'm a Gangster (ABBI: 10056459)
-- ProBull Stats Hall Of Fame Bull!

Here is one of the rankest bulls and you can own semen from him or offspring.


Here is a video of 850 Highjack, one of his offspring.

Video by PBR 

Here is a video of I'm A Gangster Too , one of his offspring.

Video by PBR 

High 404 I'm A
High 007 Yippy High Yea
Rock The Cradle
High 51 Blue Moon
High X23 Boo Hoo
Houdini 329
High 805 Rem Bo

Photo by Sean Schroeder
Langham 2013 PBR

#916-B-K Rose (#16)
(PBR Bucking Bull)

#916-B-K Rose (#16) Cattlemans Son Cattlemans Q91 (PBR World Finals Bull)
Daughter of Scarlet (Mother is a producer) Schellenberg Bloodlines





Photo by Mike Copeman
RAMPAGE - Cloverdale Rodeo

SUNKIST - Saskatoon Stampede Rodeo


Photo by Andy Watson
Bull Stock Media

#730 Gas Tank
(PBR World Finals Bucking Bull)

#730 Gas Tank Coconut Joe
Little Yellow Jacket
Little Beau Creep Cow

This bull has the heart and try of a true bucking bull. Watch him as he bucks he gets faster and stronger as the ride goes on. We will be flushing some cows to this PBR World Finals Bull. His bloodlines go back to one of the best bucking bulls in PBR History. 3x Bull Of The Year Little Yellow Jacket. It's proven these genetics produce. Contact us for offspring.


Video by PBRNow Video by Ted Stovin

#818 Morning Breath
(PBR Bucking Bull)

#818 Morning Breath # 510
Double Jeopardy
# 518

This bull has kick spin, attitude, size, color as well as proven producing genetics. He is a mainstay on the PBR tour in Canada. We are breeding cows to this well bred PBR bucking bull. He is a grandson of Double Jeopardy who has sired many great bucking bulls. His Dam is going to be used as a flush cow. He is also a maternal brother to PBR World Finals bull Gunpowder and Lead. Morning Breath is already proving himself as a sire as his first crop of calves are showing great potential. He is owned by Chmelnyk Bucking Bulls and Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls.

Contact Us for cows bred to Morning Breath.

Watch for calves in 2013!

Video by Ted Stovin
Video by Ted Stovin


#016 Catch Me If You Can
ABBI# 10122361 - DOB: 05/07/2010

#016 Catch Me If You Can Coat 45
14 Chaos
22 Miss AllStar

This bull has alot of spin, speed and athleticism as well as proven producing genetics. We have bred cows to this well bred bucking bull for 2014 calves.   His sire, Coat 45 has 5 sons with Probull stats and Coat 45 is proving to be an exceptional sire.   See some of his sons below:

  • #871 Hell Pony - 2010 Reserve Champion Texas Breeders Classic, and a Spring Fling money winner, PBR BFTS bull.
  • Here We Go - 2011 Reserve Champion Texas Breeders Classic, Reserve Champion 2011 American Heritage Futurity, NBBA finals money winner and ABBI World Finals Qualifier.
  • #129 Thunderbird - 91 points and James Ellis Benefit Futurity Champion Open Futurity Winner.
  • #721 Buzzbomb - Open Futurity Winner
  • #456 Razor - Money Winner at Tunica, MS
  • #66 The Judge - Owned by Sid Evans PBR bull they scored 89 points on at Stonewall Touring Pro Event
  • Tick Tock, owned by Billy Jaynes, is out of a Coat 45 daughter. He placed at the Texas Breeders Classic this year and at the ABBI Finals.

He is owned by Chmelnyk Bucking Bulls and Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls.

Contact Us for cows bred to Catch Me If You Can.

Watch for calves in 2014!


Watch him spin!

S42 Stay Smart
(PBR Bucking Bull)

S42 Stay Smart Crossfire Hurricane
Washita Jr.
Page (755-113)
Page Cow (290-121)
Mossy Oak Mudslinger
Page (90-161)

We will be breeding some cows to this well bred PBR bucking bull, owned by Wild Hoggs. This bull comes out spinning every time and he will spin both ways. This bull has Crossfire Hurricane breeding on the top side and 2006 PBR Bucking Bull Of The Year Mossy Oak Mudslinger on the bottom side. They have bucked his calves and they buck!


Watch for calves in 2013!

We have offspring from the living legend Wranglers Rockstar (PBR World Finals Bucking Bull)

2008 & 2009 Bucking bull of Calgary Stampede
2006 PBR Canada Bull Of The Finals
2007 & 2008 PBR Canada Reserve Bull Of The Year
2006 To 2009 PBR Canada Finals Bull
2008 & 2009 PBR World Finals Bull
2009 PBR World Finals Short Round Bull



Watch for calves in 2013!

Z12 Jiminy Cricket

PBR Finals - Las Vegas
2 - CFR Finals - Edmonton
Alberta Rodeo Circuit 2 Time Bull Of The Year Highest Score 93 pts.

He is a proven producer of top ranked bucking bulls

We have straws of semen from this great bucking and proven producing bull... as well as daughters of him in our herd. He has produced Z83 Jim Jiminy, Z84 Another Cricket, Z72 Jiminy Cricket Junior and many more great bulls.




Photo by Mike Copeman

Regulators Oilfield
(PBR Bucking Bull)

This bull has proven himself in the PBR events he has had over 19 PBR outs with some very impressive stats he has been to the PBR Canadian National Finals in 2009 as well as the Calgary Stampede that same year.

He has had a great year in 2011 - He has only been ridden once since the start of 2010. He bucked at the Calgary Stampede in 2011. He gets very hot. This is exactly what we were looking to breed to, he is a good looking bull, with extreme attitude and proven bloodlines.



#437 Tangle Flags
ABBI (PBR Bucking Bull)

#437 Tangle Flags Houdini (# 329)
White Sports Coat

This bull has the genetics # 329 - Houdini has produced many great bucking bulls. My cows have been bred to this bull as well as What Say You #433 another ABBI Registered Houdini son for two years, we have kept some heifers in our herd. The Houdini bloodlines run through are herd and they have proven to produce. The cross with the Davies genetics and these two Houdini bulls produced the 2010 Futurity champion bull as well as the 13th spot out of 42 bulls.


Watch for calves in 2012!

Road Rage
(PBR Bucking Bull)

Big Black proven bucking bull, he was a PBR bull, CCA Finals bull and Bull Of The Year in the Lakeland Rodeo Association. This bull was ridden only about 3 times in a 7 year career. He had an attitude and I mean an attitude, there were not many bull riders who didn't get chased down by Road Rage. We are looking forward to raising some calves with his ability and attitude.

Road Rage is a son of Rampage JR. which goes back to the ADAMUS bull Rampage. (Which we owned a lot of years back)

A big Thank you to Jim Leitheiser of Battle River Rodeo Company who has purchased a lot of our bulls, such as: RAMPAGE, RAM TOUGH, WILD WEASEL, EL DIABLO and many others over the years.


Son of Cleveland Steamer

Cleveland Steamer was a son of Barry Quam's Jungle James

Cleveland Steamer was rode for 91 pts. He is a proven producer of PBR Bulls.

This young black bull sure has the attitude; he is also a brother to the great Canadian bucking bulls KING KONG, LOCOMOTION and TAZ. All 3 have bucked in many PBR events and the greatest outdoor show on earth, The Calgary Stampede.

We are also looking forward to raising some calves off of this son of Cleveland Steamer x Jungle James Here is proven genetics that keep producing top ranked bucking bulls.


Despicable Me


K ROSE RANCH and Chmelnyk bucking bulls has purchased a 2010 bull calf. He is from the 2008 PBR Bull of Canada Boogie Man. This bull is jammed packed with the best bloodlines in Canada. The Dam is a litter mate to Gunpowder and Lead one of the highest marked bulls in the 2010 Calgary Stampede as well as Deja vu who they won the $100,000.00 on. The bull calf will go back to one of the best bucking bulls ever to live Little Yellow Jacket 2002, 2003 and 2004 PBR Bucking Bull Of The Year.

Video by Ted Stovin
Video by Ted Stovin

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